Lewis Baltz

Additional Info

  • exhibition dates: 3 Oct 2013 - Nov 2013

A portofolio of sixteen silk screen prints.
40 copies numbered and signed by the artist.


“The only remarkable thing about Marghera is its proximity to Venice” Lewis Baltz wrote. Nevertheless, Baltz tells and illustrates here another story of the Janus relationship of man with his environment. The shipyards of Marghera certainly tend to create an economy and provide for jobs in the region. They also participate in the pollution of the laguna and the acceleration of the decay of the Serenissima. So do the chemical plants created there. The shipyards themselves offer the remarkable ambiguity of building nice cruisers for the Disney corporation and housing abandoned cargo-ships with unpaid crews. Then a grand Palladio villa faces an industrial “château”. Architecture vs architecture. The Deus ex machina of the site of Marhega is a certain Volpi, entrepreneur, industrialist, minister under Mussolini and a long-time president of the Venice Biennale for which he introduced the Mostra del Cinema. Economy, politics and culture : the 2 sides + the edge of the same coin ? Ultimate paradox : Volpi, a Mason, has his tomb in a Venice church. This did not happen to Mozart.