Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle’s life and work are so entwined that a biography of hers would be irrelevant
Here is a selected chronological list of her works:

1979 The Sleepers
1980 Suite Venitienne
1980 The Bronx
1980-93 The Birthday Ceremony
1981 The Shadow
1981 The Hotel
1983 The Confessional
1983 The Address Book
1984 Anatoli
1984-2003 Exquisite pain
1984 Los Angeles
1986 The Blind
1988-2003 Autobiographies
1989-91 Ghosts
1990 The Graves
1991 Last Seen
1991 La Couleur Aveugle
1993 Color Blind
1992 No Sex Last Night
1994 Gotham Handbook
1996 The Eruv of Jerusalem
1996 The Detachment
1997 The Chromatic Diet
1998 Days Under the Sign of B, C & W
2003 Journey to California
2001 Twenty Years Later
2003 Bedroom
2003 A Woman Vanishes
2003 Unfinished

And more…

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About Sophie Calle

“Sophie is the most important artist since Andy Warhol”
Frank O. Gehry, art lover and architect.

Gustave Flaubert said: “Emma Bovary is me”.
Sophie Calle says: “Sophie Calle is me”.