Jean Charles Blais

Born 1956


2013 Musée Picasso Antibes
2010 100 11th Avenue avec Jean Nouvel New York
         Galerie Florian Sundheimer Munich
         Galerie Catherine Issert Saint Paul de Vence
2007 Galerie Florian Sundheimer Munich
2005 Kenji Taki Gallery Tokyo
2004 Musée Réatu Arles
         Galerie Catherine Issert Saint Paul de Vence
2003 And-A Tokyo
         Kenji Taki Gallery Tokyo Nagoya
         Galerie Florian Sundheimer Munich
2002 Espace des arts Chalons sur Saône
         FNAC Paris
         Galerie Yvon Lambert Paris
2001 Galerie Buchmann Cologne
2000 Galerie Sandmann-Haak Hanovre
         Kenji Taki Gallery Tokyo Nagoya
1999 Frank Bordas éditeur Paris
1998 Galerie Yvon Lambert Paris
         Bawag Foundation Vienne
         Galerie Erna Hecey Luxembourg
         Galerie Farber et Jurka Amsterdam
         Galerie Catherine Issert Saint Paul de Vence
1997 Galerie Forsblom Helsinki
         Galeria Joao Garcia Lisbonne
1996 Kyoko Chirathivat Gallery Bangkok
         Galerie de Luxembourg Luxembourg
         Won Gallery Séoul
         Galerie Meyer-Ellinger Francfort
         Tony Shafrazi Gallery New York
         Museum of Modern Art New York
1995 Galerie Buchmann Bâle
         Galerie Buchmann Cologne
         Galerie Yvon Lambert Paris
1994 Lange Voorhout Gemeente museum La Haye
         Galerie Barbara Farber Amsterdam
         Chapelle Saint Louis La Salpêtrière Paris
         Galerie Sandmann-Haak Hanovre
         Tony Shafrazi Gallery New York
1993 Espace Orcofi Paris
         Galerie Barbara Farber Amsterdam
         Galerie Catherine Issert Saint Paul de Vence
1992 Galerie Yvon Lambert Paris
         Wako Works of Art Tokyo
         FRAC Picardie Amiens
         University of Essex Gallery Colchester
         Dortmunder Kunstverein Dortmund
         Galerie Buchmann Bâle
1991 Galerie Barbara Farber Amsterdam
         Satani Gallery Tokyo
         Stadtsgalerie Moderner Kunst Munich
         Galerie Catherine Issert Saint Paul de Vence
         Grob Gallery Londres
1990 PS Gallery Tokyo
         John Cavaliero Fine Arts New York
         Galerie Buchmann Bâle
         Porin Taidemuseo Pori
         EEsti Riiklik Kunstmueum Talinn
         Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum Älborg
         Métro Assemblée Nationale Paris
1989 Museum moderner Kunst Vienne
         Kunstverein Ludwigsburg
         Olsson Gallery Stockholm
         Galerie Yvon Lambert Paris
         Galerie Buchmann Bâle
1988 Heidelberger Kunstverein Heidelberg
         Musée des beaux arts Nîmes
         Galerie Barbara Farber Amsterdam
         Galerie Buchmann Bâle
         Satani Gallery Tokyo
         Galerie Yvon Lambert Paris
         Galerie Harald Behm Hambourg
1987 Galerie Buchmann Bâle
         Musée national d’art moderne Centre Pompidou Paris
         Leo Castelli Gallery New York
         Galerie Catherine Issert Saint Paul de Vence
         Stadtgallerie Saarbrücken Sarrebruck
1986 Galerie Harald Behm Hambourg
         Kestnergesellschaft Hanovre
         Musée d’art contemporain Montréal
         Galleria Ugo Ferranti Rome
         Musée d’art moderne Toulouse
         Galerie Yvon Lambert Paris
1985 Kunsthalle Basel Bâle
         Galerie Yvon Lambert Paris
         Galerie Barbara Farber Amsterdam
         Kunstverein Reinlande Westphalen Düsseldorf
1984 Galerie Buchmann Bâle
         Leo Castelli Gallery New York
         Musée d’art et d’histoire Fribourg
         CAPC Bordeaux
1983 Galerie Buchmann Saint Gall
         Galerie Catherine Issert Saint Paul de Vence
         Galerie Max Marek Hambourg
1981 Centre d’arts plastiques contemporains Bordeaux
         Galerie Yvon Lambert Paris
         Galleria Ugo Ferranti Rome



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About Jean Charles Blais

Jean Charles has emerged on the art scene at the eve of the 80s with works stunning and new both in materials and imagery. He met with instant recognition from the public as well as renowned critics and curators. He was 25 years old.

In the years which followed, he was co-opted by most important international galleries such as Yvon Lambert in Paris, Leo Castelli, then Tony Shafrazy in New York . He would have one-man shows in celebrated museums like the MOMA in New York, the Pompidou Center in Paris or the Kunsthalle in Basel. During the two last decades of the century he led an over active artist’s life. Only recently has he become more serene living and working in a quiet Paris place and a heavenly house in the South of France.

Blais’s subject matter is almost exclusively the human body. Massive and awkward with tiny heads, clinging to anything vertical whether trees, canes, as if ready to fall, fleeing or hiding, those bodies bore every sign of the human absurd and desperate condition. The worlds of Celine, Kafka, Beckett and Gombrowicz were often evoked by the commentators. Then there were fragments, a foot, a hand, a big head, a shoulder, a nape of a neck, imprinted on rough materials mostly recuperated from the street. Later the works became lighter, the bodies being suggested by their absence under floating garments. After experimenting with computer generated animated more abstract forms, Blais is back with his favorite topic: this time, bodies stand by couples in black shadows on torn posters backgrounds.

“ The body has become a piece of painting. However the figure of the body remains as I never could really get rid of it’” This statement of Blais’ dates back from October 1984. Think of it.


Jean Charles Blais in his words

“In a catalog for an exhibition at the museum in Antibes, I found this quotation from Picasso: everything interesting about art is its beginnings. Once it’s begun, it’s already finished. You could also add that no sooner does an idea emerge that it is swept by its form which ends up dissolving the original idea itself…

I am not concerned with coherence, with the “overview”. I like a very open field of operations: my work takes the form of uncertainty. Its sometimes unpredictable answers are the forms that it brings into being, often without my knowledge. So with the passage of time, practices I once embraced seem to have been abruptly abandoned…

At any moment, something that did not exist the day before can suddenly explode and come into being and take control. That can result in a bizarre chronology sequence and strange apparitions. But I love this unpredictability and seeing what comes next…

Most of the time, forms dissolve, becoming images themselves, a visual memory, a sort of ectoplasm. But sometimes they come back to life, recover their substance and once again require our observation. They have an illusionary sameness, somehow transformed…”

From Jean Charles Blais Musée Picasso Antibes 2013



Le coup de Tanger, Yvon Lambert éditeur 1989
Suite, FRAC Picardie 19
La chanson de Rollant, Picaron éditions Amsterdam 1992
De mémoire, Franck Bordas éditeur 1995
Double vue, Espace des arts Chalon 2002
Double vue, (DVD) art net-art 2002
Miracle, musée Réattu 2004
Empty words, Sens & Tonka 2005
Sechs Songs d’Amour, Un Cabinet d’Amateur Sofia 2013